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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does cost?

There are many variables – is crew required or will the owner serve as crew? Vessel capabilities, fuel requirements and the time of the year, destinations all factor in the delivery.

What other expenses are there?

All expenses are estimated before departure. These include fuel, crew, travel, provisions, spares, marina fees and any other expenses anticipated.

Do I pay for weather and mechanical delays?

Yes, payment is expected for all days for which I am in command of your vessel. Whether it is in port or underway, the captain has the full responsibility for the safety of the vessel. In port days are typically filled with repairs, oil change. Weather delays can be actually, but honestly, it seldom takes more than one or two days.

How bad does the weather have to be to stop?

This is always a difficult question to answer. It really depends on the vessel. Most boats can take much more abuse than the crew aboard (including me) in large seas, the vessel pitches and rolls which throws contents out of locker and drawers. While it is life-threatening damage, it is expensive and will be avoided.

What equipment does the boat need?

For costal and offshore work, radar and autopilot are mandatory. Weather information is also important for longer passages. Vessel is expected to a good spares kit and it includes: oil/fuel filters, oil, spare pumps, and impellers. Etc. and tools aboard.

Do you run overnight?

Yes, whenever possible. Sometimes, heavy rain will wash debris into the ocean creating hazards so running at night is not prudent.

Where do you deliver?

Almost, worldwide. Airfares one way is generally below EUR 250,- so it adds only a little to the overall cost.

How big of a vessel have you commanded?

I hold a certificate which allows me to command ships up to 80 feet’s on all waters. I can handle your vessel.

Why use BR Marine?


Is shipping or trucking better or cheaper?

Although there are more shipping option now. Yacht delivery is still the preferred method of transporting vessels over 38 feet.

Cost – total cost often 40% less than shipping

Faster – shipping usually only departs a few times per year

Flexibility – we work around your needs

Low risk of damage – your vessel will properly be moved several times and big change to get damaged.

I just purchased my boat?

A lot of people look at boats that that are some distance away from their home. As a part of the purchase decision, they need to determine how much it will cost to get it home. Call or drop me an email and I will give you some budgetary numbers and we can talk about dates. Once you close on the boat, we can go through a firm agreement.

Yikes – the boat is not ready as promised?

This is common. Boats are complex piece of equipment and can be delayed. Once you hire me, I am a part of your team and together we will work through any time issues and your boat will be delivered ASAP


























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